SilverFire Survivor Overview


The SilverFire Survivor has been an indispensable piece of gear while living out of camp, but we have decided to continue cooking outdoors exposed to the elements of nature with the rocket stove even though we are back to modern society's way of life because the little biomass burner is so easy to use. Over the past two months our SilverFire Survivor has provided many meals, and we have gained much experience cooking with wood as a fuel source. However, this is a product overview with the purpose of clearly listing the product details for the SilverFire Survivor, and a product review will be provided at a later date if reader interest is expressed!

What is a SilverFire Survivor?

The SilverFire Survivor is a cooking device powered by organic matter fuels, but not coal. This environmentally friendly biomass burner reduces the world's coal harvesting demands by using easily harvested pencil diameter sized twigs and dried yard waste such as leaves or grasses as a fuel source. Designed for maximum efficiency, the SilverFire Survivor rocket stove uses primary and secondary combustion, a heat trapping door, and premium rock mineral wool insulation to reduce the amount of fuel required to cook a meal. Secondary combustion burns gasses produced by primary combustion reducing emissions and soot buildup. The cleaner smoke put off by the SilverFire Survivor results in less hassle for users concerning the build up of soot on pots and pans, so this clean smoke increases the ability for heat transfer requiring shorter cooking times and less fuel. SilverFire Survivor's heat trapping door enables the user to produce higher temperatures, and a more complete combustion to reduce charred remains to fine ash, thus decreasing fuel demands and increasing air-flow around the fire, so users do not have to constantly remove charred remains or poke the fire to increase air-flow. Heat does not escape from the sides of the stove due to the premium rock mineral insulation, which directs heat from the fire to the bottom of cooking vessels to further decrease the amount of fuel required to cook a meal.

SilverFire Survivor Features and Design Elements

The SilverFire Survivor is designed with many other features meant to make operating the biomass cooker easier and safer for users around the world. A temperature reducing baffle plate at the bottom of the SilverFire Survivor is a safety feature allowing the stove to sit on hardwood surfaces without causing unwanted fires on picnic or makeshift cook tables, and this means the user does not have to sit uncomfortably on the on the ground nor worry about the bottom of the stove leaving unsightly burn scars while in use. A raised combustion floor inside the bottom of the rocket stove allows for longer cooking times by creating more space for fine ash cinders to occupy, and creates a wider gap to make ash cleanup easier. The biomass burner's heat trapping door includes a fuel gauge for checking the diameter of twigs used for fuel, and this gauge doubles as a handle to open the hot door by using a small stick. Long stove life, even with daily use, can be expected due to the stainless steel body of the SilverFire Survivor, and two long handles are included. The length of the handles prevent wrist or finger burns making for safe movement of the rocket stove when still hot in emergency situations. The top of the biomass cooker is made of cast iron, and is made with five pot supports built into place. SilverFire includes a solid steel fuel rack to keep long fuel pieces level when cooking, and cooking can start as soon as a flame is observed unlike cooking with charcoal.

SilverFire Survivor Specifications

  • Cooking Fire Power: ≥ 1.5 KW
  • Thermal Efficiency: ≥ 35% (StoveTec/EcoZoom 30%)
  • Emissions Concentration (smoke): ≤ 25mg / m3
  • SO2 ≤ 20mg / m3
  • NOx: ≤ 120mg / m3
  • CO: ≤ 0.1%
  • Smoke & Gas Blackness Level (Ringelmann Level): ≤ level 1
  • Stove Weight 12.5+ lb. / 5.66+ kg Stove Height: 12.5” / 25 cm
  • Cast Iron Cook Top Diameter: 9 ¼” / 18 cm
  • Shipping Dimensions: 16” x 16” x 15” tall / 26 cm x 26 cm x 30 cm tall
  • Shipping Weight Approximately 17 lb. / 7.71 kg

SilverFire Survivor Overview Conclusion

Unlike most rocket stoves on the market, the SilverFire Survivor incorporates a secondary burn competent making the stove safer, cleaner, and more fuel efficient. The small fuel requirements make the rocket stove ideal for camp setups in locations even where organic matter is scarce. The complete combustion reduces waste to fine ash remains making for easier ash removal, but puts out cleaner gas emissions making for less soot on the bottom of pots and easier soot removal for users.