Enter the Weebee - Baby steps into a tiny home

The Weebee

Ultimately, we decided to take organic farm internships because the situation enables us to learn a very practical skill set in farming while covering ourselves financially at the same time. Backing our decision was the bonus of having the opportunity to occupy a tiny home and live a homesteading way of life while we learn. Homesteading and tiny homes have been our ideals since we first brought them up in conversations with each other years ago.

Enter the Weebee


The Weebee

The Weebee home is about 864 square feet, and a little bigger than we were expecting. The older portion of the home is 480 square feet, and the new addition is a two story 12'x16'. The extra space is nice, but we intend on keeping the home spacious while we're here by only keeping necessary items during our stay. The box frame of our queen size bed set would not fit up the stairs, so we improvised by putting our bed in the living room area. This is only possible thanks to the new addition to the Weebee, and we are very happy to leave our double bed in storage. We plan to use the intended bedroom space for an area to work on projects and organize, but we're still living out of boxes for the time being. The Weebee home is outfitted with electricity, a gas powered stove, and a cast iron wood heater. Off-grid living is our long-term goal, and we want to take baby steps now. Our opportunity to move in was met with heavy snow, so we did not have a wood pile ready for the cold, but our intentions are to burn wood for heat; however, we've used electric heat our first few nights. We have been using our SilverFire Survivor rocket stove for hot meals, but we should also be heating with wood soon enough. Our baby steps into off-grid life will consist of using our wood burning cooking equipment as much as possible. Investments into solar power for lighting and some other electric wants have been discussed, but our funding is limited. We are excited for our tiny home and organic venture, and look forward to sharing more about our experience as time passes.