A Look Back - Our First Month Farming

Vegetable Seed Packets

Khori and I started our first month farming as organic farm internships the first day of March. On that cold morning we woke up in the weebee, and attended a meeting in the farmhouse to discuss our farm duties. Projects and plans were explained and discussed, priorities were set, and the livestock care was shown by example. That first […]

SilverFire Survivor Overview


The SilverFire Survivor has been an indispensable piece of gear while living out of camp, but we have decided to continue cooking outdoors exposed to the elements of nature with┬áthe rocket stove even though we are back to modern society's way of life because the little biomass burner is so easy to use. Over the […]

Enter the Weebee - Baby steps into a tiny home

The Weebee

Ultimately, we decided to take organic farm internships because the situation enables us to learn a very practical skill set in farming while covering ourselves financially at the same time. Backing our decision was the bonus of having the opportunity to occupy a tiny home and live a homesteading way of life while we learn. Homesteading and […]

Stepping Into Organic Farming

We are blessed with an amazing opportunity we absolutely could not refuse - becoming organic farmers. We stumbled upon the opportunity when browsing through 'Help Wanted' ads, and came across an advertisement seeking a couple of people willing to intern at a small organic farm in Alamance County, North Carolina. We immediately read through the ad, discussed the […]

Stickers and New Look!

Our new logo is now available as a sticker in the StepIntoTheWoods Zazzle Store. We seem to be a sticker loving family, so stickers just make sense. We are also trying out a new theme for the site and take notice of our new Instagram feed on the right with our latest new photos. Click […]