Fresh Start in Hickory


We'd like to apologize for our absence from our beloved blog, Step Into The Woods. Unfortunate circumstances caused us to take a break, review our goals and reorganize our lives. We left the 'organic farm' at which we were previously living and working. We have decided to keep the farm experience to ourselves, for now, however, […]

First Impressions of the BCS Tractor


Around mid-April, a highly anticipated and very large shipment was delivered to the farm from EARTH TOOLS, Inc.. The packages contained a BCS tractor model 749 with female quick hitch and foam filled 5x12x22” wheel upgrade, two 8” wheel weight hanger posts, Berta Franco single rotary plow with male quick hitch, BCS 31" Tiller with […]

Modular Arithmetic in the Garden


Math in the classroom was often joked about by our peers, while attending college, for lacking in real world application; however, we often apply the skill sets we learned in our daily lives. Just the other day we encountered an opportunity to apply modular arithmetic when sowing beans, cucumbers and zucchini. The beans and cucumbers were planted […]

DIY: Laminated Garden Signs


We recently transplanted over 100 tomato plants into the two hoophouses located on the farm.  The problem we are tackling is that identifying the various tomato plants later in the season, once the plants are larger, is difficult with the current system of writing on a small wooden garden sign, similar to a popsicle stick.  The […]

Planting Bare Root Strawberries

Last week we were laboring away weeding around lettuce and spinach in the hoop house when we received a package of bare root strawberries. The hoop house was feeling great that spring day as the temperature was around 65°F outside, and we were ready to quit after six hours of weeding, but bare root strawberries […]