The Purpose Of Our Site
StepIntoTheWoods.com documents the lives of a married couple striving to learn how to live an off-grid lifestyle without having the experience to do so at a whim while feeling safe and secure in their future. The couple is actively seeking adventure and education through employment and other experiences. This site is a place for the couple to provide real product reviews, and educate others about their experience in stepping out of the modern world.

Meet The Wood Family

The Wood Family

William and Khori

William and Khori Wood found each other without educations or employment in the rural foothills of North Carolina slightly north of the Greensboro area in 2004. As a couple, co-influencing each other’s lives, William and Khori have struggled together in order to excel in achieving their personal life goals. Functioning as a team, William and Khori have each obtained General Education Equivalencies, Associate of Arts and Science degrees, and Bachelor of Science degrees from Western Carolina University through hard work and dedication. The Woods wrapped up their Bachelor degrees in 2014, abandoned their permanent address for a lifestyle of camping on the road. The couple is eager to enter the workforce to pay off their student debt with employment experiences capable of providing further education related to an off grid homesteading lifestyle. The couple is trying to make things happen on their own while seeking gainful employment in hopes of getting an early start on their off grid homestead.