Fresh Start in Hickory


We'd like to apologize for our absence from our beloved blog, Step Into The Woods. Unfortunate circumstances caused us to take a break, review our goals and reorganize our lives. We left the 'organic farm' at which we were previously living and working. We have decided to keep the farm experience to ourselves, for now, however, we may revisit the decision at a later time and share our reasons for leaving and our total experience with everyone. However, we can say the day we decided to leave the farm we instantly became happier people. Upon further discussion, we decided to apply for careers using our Bachelor degrees recently obtained from Western Carolina University. :)

William and I made the joint decision to apply and find a career for William - wherever in the United States, first. We were an amazing team - sending out resumes daily and filling out over 225 applications, keeping track of all logins and submissions in an Excel file. Of course there were many rejections - mathematically that's expected. William received numerous call backs, interviews and second interviews. The duration between applying for a position, receiving a callback, conducting an interview and receiving a job offer is tremendously long. We applied for the position on July 16, 2015; William attended an interview in early August and had a second phone interview on August 25, 2015. On September 17, William learned he received the position and would start on Monday, October 12 for a total duration of four months between applying and starting his new job located near Hickory, NC. William was working another company, so he gave a fifteen day notice to his current employer.

His *amazing* new position will, hopefully, turn into a long-term career. The benefits and salary are wonderful, especially since we try to keep our expenses small. William's salary alone will allow us to pay our rent, bills, and loan payments with money for savings. Speaking of rent, we would like to introduce everyone to our new apartment in Hickory, North Carolina. The move was roughly a two-hour drive for us, with William driving the U-Haul (with Lucy!) and me following behind in our Versa with Ripley.

New HUGE Apartment

New HUGE Apartment

Our apartment is a little below 800 square foot - which we consider huge and, at the present moment in time, aren't entirely sure how to furnish.  Our furniture now consists of a bed, two small side tables, a chest and three sets of racks - which we are using for our clothes.  During all of our previous moves, it turns out, we donated, or recycled, our clothes hangers, so we will need to replace them as well.

We have kept quite busy packing, moving and now unpacking our belongings.  We are hoping to take a small trip up the Blue Ridge Parkway within the next two weekends to view the fall leaf color change.  Stay with us as our blog focus changes from farming to more domestic and (hopefully!) weekend adventures :)