Stepping Into Organic Farming

Ready for Farming

Ready to Move!

We are blessed with an amazing opportunity we absolutely could not refuse - becoming organic farmers. We stumbled upon the opportunity when browsing through 'Help Wanted' ads, and came across an advertisement seeking a couple of people willing to intern at a small organic farm in Alamance County, North Carolina. We immediately read through the ad, discussed the possibilities and quickly sent an email to the contact. We heard back within a few days and our email correspondence began. We actually were fearful that we would miss the opportunity while we were in Florida, but we lucked out. We left Florida after a week of visiting with family and headed to a hotel to shower and rest as we planned to meet the farm owners the following day. We spent the day weeding, walking around the farm, meeting the many animals and touring the small building that would, hopefully, become our home while working. At the end of our meeting a contract outlying our responsibilities and housing situation was presented to us. We are excited for this incredible opportunity as this experience will enable us to receive the education and experience we truly desire. We will be learning organic farming techniques, research techniques, business management skills, interacting with livestock, and living in a small (864 square foot) home. This opportunity enables us to get a taste of the homestead lifestyle while having some financial security, and we're excited to see our new work relationship grow! We hope to continue to take baby steps to get off-grid in our new home, but baby steps are key for progress.

More details to come; we're working on moving now!